How to Make Money with Facebook Video Monetization

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We all know that Facebook has recently been updated and it is known as Facebook Video Monetization which will allow users to earn tons of video ads on Facebook.

But that’s not all we have to say about the people of Facebook monetization. There’s a new and more amazing feature, and this feature allows people to easily add their video ads directly to videos that are playing.

With this amazing new feature known as Facebook ad breaks, Facebook Live is now full of many different profiles and other pages from different parts of the world. But you may be wondering what these Facebook video ads break. Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about here.

What Are Facebook Ad Breaks?

These Facebook ad breaks are basically a very new and exciting way for users to earn some hard money from their live broadcasts on Facebook. This feature is of course a very useful one as anyone will be able to take a short break in the live stream to display their favorite ads.

Through this method of monetizing video on Facebook, the platform has given a new meaning to the term Facebook video monetization. These advertising breaks are basically an additional way to provide more money to consumers.

There are definitely other things to know about Facebook video monetization in India. In the next few sections, we’ll learn about Facebook video monetization capabilities and some other important things like how much a Facebook ad pays. Be mindful of people.

How To Earn Money From Facebook o AVided Breaks

Surely you all know that Facebook monetization of videos is a very helpful and useful feature for users. So, wouldn’t you all like to know how you can make money from Facebook ads? Well, we’re going to discuss that right now.

Facebook ads are broken so that users can earn a share of the revenue from advertising. Users need to create a video that has about 300 people watching it all together at a particular time.

Users can easily adjust ad breaks from profile or page. To set the ad interval, the user needs to go to each page where they live.

After setting the ad break, the user will be able to start the ad break once the video reaches user. However, for the process to work fully, they need to survive for at least 4 minutes.

Another thing that users should keep in mind is that the length of the ad interval should be a maximum of 15 seconds. Since viewers can’t skip ad breaks, this is a surefire way to make money.

After the live broadcast, don’t assume that the monetization process is over. Facebook Video Monetization will ensure that you get paid even after the live video stream is closed. The more people will see it, the more it will be better.

Eligibility Criteria For Facebook Video Monetization / Ad Breaks

If you want to know how to make money from Facebook ad breaks, we have some important eligibility criteria for you.

It is really important that you know all about these Facebook Video Advertising Standards as it will be more helpful in your monetization process.

The user who wants to create a Facebook ad break must adhere to the Facebook Video Monetization Eligibility Criteria

Another eligibility requirement for Facebook video ads is that the user must be over 18 years of age.

The user needs to publish directly from a particular page that has close to 10,000 followers

The user will also need to create about 30,000 views in 1 minute on approximately 3 minute long videos and that too in 60 days.

Consumers also need to make sure they have up to 300 people in a given period

So, here are some Facebook monetization eligibility criteria that need to be followed if you want to make some money from Facebook video monetization.

Facebook Ad Breaks vs. YouTube

Ever since the birth of this new feature of breaking ad in Facebook video monetization, there has been speculation in the minds of users that breaking Facebook ad or YouTube ads are the best way to make money.

Although no official announcement has been made yet, it has been said that the payout interval from Facebook’s ad break will be exactly the same as it was on YouTube and is 55/45. This means that a user who creates a video ad on Facebook will receive 55% of the revenue from these ads.

There are some cases where Facebook gets a small share of the revenue. The length of the video in most cases usually determines the distribution of revenue. In the general scenario, a certain Facebook video must be 90 seconds long for a break in an ad.

However, making longer videos will ensure that more ads are placed. This is something that does not appear on YouTube. In YouTube, ads on videos must be 10 minutes long.

Also, in the case of YouTube, where videos are pre-rolled before the video starts, Facebook ads will appear after 20 seconds. Therefore, users have the opportunity to impress the audience with their content.

Not only that, but Facebook video ads, unlike YouTube ads, can be placed in videos more than once if they are 3 minutes apart. This is a clear indication that Facebook ads are being broken so that users can earn more from ads than YouTube.


So, all you need to know is how to enable Facebook Monetization. We hope this article was informative and you know how to make money with this amazing new feature of Facebook Monetization. went.

How to Make Money with Facebook Video Monetization
How to Make Money with Facebook Video Monetization

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