Make money online in Pakistan at home for free

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As inflation skyrockets in Pakistan, more and more people are looking for alternatives to make money to meet the end.


Many of them become a source of income through the internet and most of them fall into the trap of fraud by scammers and artists. In fact, a study claims that cybercrime is the top financial crime in Pakistan.

Make money online in Pakistan at home for free

Why is it so attractive?

Making money on the Internet is attractive for a number of reasons.

The comfort of living at home and generating income is greatly affected. Add to this the fact that the only investment is a computer and internet connection and you have found yourself a potential gold mill.

Make Money With Google Adsense: A Step-By-Step Guide

Scammers rely on this desire to make money quickly in order to achieve their goals. An endless stream of emails every day is trying to separate you from the cash. But now that most people are aware of the dangers of junk email, scammers are turning to more innovative ways to deceive people with their money.

The most tragic development of the scam has taken place these days due to which this trend is spreading rapidly in Pakistan and our own people have tried to deceive us with their money.

Check out the ads below in our mainstream newspapers.

Minting Money in the name of Registration Fee!

One example is now The website claims to be an advertising agency with links to various companies in Pakistan. They tried to lure people into the idea of free cash, that is, by offering them money to run ads on websites and blogs even if they got zero traffic.

Is it great to be honest? Well, yes, the catch was that they had a registration fee. They offer a variety of packages, with a maximum amount of money to host ads on your blog. You may be looking at how someone can be a victim of such a blatant scam but it is estimated that they managed to get around Rs 4 million in a month’s time before it was closed. Thousands of people lost money and when the scam was reported, they just disappeared with all the money.

Trapping in the name of Adsense:

Of course, Google AdSense is your best friend if you have interesting content to offer and you want to make some money from your efforts. It’s called an online money-making machine. In a sense, that’s all. High traffic blogs are generating significant revenue through AdSense.

But with it comes a generation of scammers who hope to take advantage of its popularity. And surprisingly, this seems to be a popular method of deception among our compatriots. Some rely on counterfeit checks that they claim to have received from Google and provide information that they can do by visiting other specific sites or signing up for a program that costs money or The question of some money can be a link to earning a scam. . Take for example:

Scammers use various techniques to get your attention, a few being:

They offer some golden keyword lists that they claim can help generate more traffic and clicks. And it can help you get more revenue per click. But Google offers these lists to facilitate the process itself.

Not only this, with the help of AdSense a person can come up with offers of up to Rs. Clearly, even our newspapers are starting to display these scam ads (above). most of

The scams affected people who are new to the Internet or are particularly unemployed.

Get Verified Google Adsense Account in Rs 500: Another Fake!

Given the light of fraud perpetrated by countries like India and Pakistan,

Google has complicated the process of getting an AdSense account. Your blog is over 6 months old to get unique content, your own domain, and your account.

In fact, we did an article about AdSense being exploited in early March 2009.

Unfortunately, now that getting an AdSense account is not easy, exploiters are now offering “verified AdSense accounts” for a fee in a matter of hours. This is a scam. Don’t fall for it.

Ahmed Javed posted a detailed post here on Google AdSense Verified Account Fraud


Google has strict security policies and when it reveals corruption in its name in Pakistan, it can ban AdSense, which will affect thousands of people in Pakistan, especially our bloggers.

When I am tempted to close this post, I just want to say that it is easy to forget the concept of money. And don’t fall prey to donkeys waiting in the cyber world, it just encourages them and gives our country a bad name.

Here you can read some websites to help you understand the nature of cybercrime and how to stay clear of it. This site also offers tips for recognizing scams.

How to Earn Money Online?

Well, it is also a fact that it is possible to make money online. But believe me, it’s not as easy as it gets from these newspaper ads. If you want money, keep the following in mind:

You can make money if you have the skills to take advantage of the Internet. For example, development, design, data entry, proofreading, writing materials, etc.

If you want to make money with AdSense, be aware: AdSense is only for the most visited websites. So now it’s up to you how you make your website popular. Probably by adding very interesting and useful information, so that every other web user comes to your website.


Make money online in Pakistan at home for free
Make money online in Pakistan at home for freeMake money online in Pakistan at home for free


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