Earn Money Online By Typing Pages

Over the past several years, the demand for making money online by typing page plans has been growing like a supernova. Although there are many websites in India that offer this type of typing job, some of them are real.

8 Way to Earn Money Online by Typing Pages:

1. Earn Money Online without investment by Typing work in CYBER EXPO:

CyberEcoPo is one of the best online typing job providers without a registration fee. There are several types of typing jobs available to make money online. Here is a list of available typing jobs in the Cyber Expo.

The best thing about making money from a cyber expo typing project is, even if you don’t have an internet connection! You can work in offline typing jobs.

2. Earn Money Online by Hindi page typing:

If you have good typing skills in Hindi, then you have a better chance of making money online without any investment by typing Hindi pages.

There is a huge demand for Hindi varieties at present. You have to sign in to CYBER EXPO free online jobs and download Hindi pages to your computer. Once you have finished typing on MS Word, you will be credited to your bank account.

3. Earn Money Online by Tamil Page Typing:

Cyber Expo is another largest Tamil page typing job provider for South India. If you have a good command of Tamil Document Conversation or Tamil to English / Hindi Typing, you can sign for a free account from here.

4. Online captcha type and earn:

Captcha is a way to get money online without typing. There are many captcha typing jobs available in India where you can sign up for free.

Top 10 CAPTCHA Entry Jobs List in India

Target captcha typing jobs are the easiest job to find on the internet. For every 1000 captcha solutions, you will be charged up to -5 2-5.

1000 captcha and some captcha entry websites take about 1-2 hours to solve using captcha resolving software.

Paid rates are currently lower than other online typing jobs, but with jobs this is a position where you can earn even just 1 hour a day.

5. Earn Money online by Document Typing Jobs:

We have already discussed how you can monetize Digital India’s data entry projects. Unfortunately, Digital India is not accepting any new members for document typing work.

Still, there are many companies like Cyber Expo. All Money Points are offering real documented data entry jobs in India. You can sing for free and start earning money in a month by typing 00 300-700.

6. Make Money doing English to Hindi Blog Post Translate Jobs:

This is one of the offline typing jobs in 2018. You can make money online by typing blogs from English to Hindi.

As Google is forced to focus on Hindi, bloggers in India are starting to blog in Hindi.

Since there are a lot of blog articles in English, bloggers want to translate them into Hindi and republish them.

If you have this kind of translation skills, you can sing for free here.

7. Upwork/freelancer Typing Projects:

If you already have a full-time job, and are looking to make extra money using your free time, you can start getting plans from upwork / freelance.com.

You need to create an account and cut it whenever someone posts a data entry or typing job-related gimmick or project.

If your typing speed is 35-45 words, you can earn 22K from up work / freelancers who are working part time only 202 days.

Keep in mind that thousands of data entry operators are operating on the same platform. So you need to put that price on the money.

8. Fiverr.com $5 Gig typing Jobs:

People with small typing projects are posting their gigs on Ferrer.com. That’s why we call these types of typing jobs $ 5 jig typing jobs.

You can find thousands of micro-typing projects on fiverr.com and start making money online.


Earn Money Online By Typing Pages
Earn Money Online By Typing Pages

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